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Pocket doors are one of the highly effective ways to shut off the doorway without completely closing it. It does not use a folding door, instead the slab is hanged using several wheels that rolls along tracks. This makes it the perfect way to close or separate an area that has no room for a typical door. The pocket door locking hardware closely resembles the locking mechanism used for hinged doors, but in this case, the latch is placed between the handle plates. A striker should also be carefully attached to the jamb. The jamb and door should be properly aligned by tightening or loosening the pivot bolts located on the tracks.

Easy steps to install the pocket door locking hardware

Step 1:

Measurement for the door cuts should be done. If homeowners are aiming to replace an existing handle for the lock, they can proceed to the next step once they are done removing the old handle, and the bare cut located in the door slab is already exposed. Typically, handles can be seen around 36 inches up from the bottom of the slab. Though this is a common location, it is not a definite guide for all locks, so reading the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer is still a must.


Step 2:

Usually, a pocket door locking hardware includes a template which makes it easier for cutting down a hole. Apply that instruction and drill a hole of about ¼ inches in every corner of the given template. Homeowners can utilize a jigsaw to cut a square through pocket door slab. It would be better to have someone else hold the door, or at least wedge it when performing this task because it tends to be shaky. Individuals can also remove the door and attach it to sawhorses, though they may find it difficult to return it to its original place.

Step 3:

After making a hole that will accommodate the pocket door lock set, as well as the handle, attach the lock to the handle, and then carefully put it on the side of the opening. Afterwards, the other handle can now be attached to the lock. In the meantime, the original handle can be attached to the other side of the slab hole. To secure the following, tighten the screws adjoining them. The latch should be extended to ensure that it is working as it should. Then make a hole for the latch and attach the metal using a screw. Test if the latch fits properly and adjust accordingly.