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Selecting The Right Pocket Door Kit

Pocket doors are highly advantageous than conventional swinging doors. The latter needs approximately 10 sq. ft. of area in order to function well. On the other hand, pocket doors simply disappear inside a compartment in the wall taking no floor space at all. Homeowners may think that installing this type of door may be too costly given all the pocket door hardware kit used when in reality, buying more land to give people ample space is even more expensive. In addition to that, regular hinged doors create restrictions in movement, and this is not good for disabled individuals who may have a hard time maneuvering out of the way just to let the door open properly.

Building and installing these kinds of doors from scratch is not an easy feat. However, it is not entirely impossible, especially when the homeowner who will do it is skilled and has the proper knowledge. Even if this is the case, it is still better to use less costly pocket door hardware kit that will make the procedure more manageable and enjoyable than spending the whole day assembling and making hardware.


In years past, people avoided using pocket door hardware kit that was sold in the market because of its notorious reputation of malfunctioning and producing highly bothering squeaking noises whenever the door was operated. That was probably one of the reasons why the pocket door itself became unpopular. However, it was greatly improved since then, and different materials that promise longevity, as well as ease of operation immediately popularized it again. These kinds of hardware’s are now able to support heavy duty doors without the danger of collapsing on homeowners, or breaking after several years of usage.

When looking for the right pocket door hardware kit, make sure that it contains everything that is needed to properly install the door without having to buy an extra part in the store. It would also be helpful if it includes a guide that features a step-by-step instruction and diagram regarding the installation and troubleshooting of the door. Aside from that, a warranty is always a good plus. Some manufacturers even provide a lifetime service, and this will help tremendously in case a specific hardware breaks down. This is convenient for those who do not have the time to fix the pocket door themselves. Remember that price is not the sole factor in buying a high quality hardware kit.