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Grant has been around for more than a century. It has given customers a great line of hardware for pocket doors and the like. It became one of the favorite among architects and homeowners because of its innovative designs and hardware systems. People who own Grant pocket door hardware should be realistic. Though the product itself is sturdy, without the proper maintenance it will cease to perform its best after several years of usage. Dusts as well as other particles are carried into the house each day, and it can definitely affect the integrity of the Grant pocket door hardware.

The rollers and tracks are usually the ones which collect the dust. The homeowners should clean these parts by unscrewing the pocket door from its carrier. A pencil should be used to mark its position so it will not be difficult to put it back together after the whole cleaning process. Using a cleaning solvent, get rid of all the dirt located in the bearings. To make it easier, soak the bearings inside an old container for a couple of minutes. This process will loosen the dirt without having to scrub them out. Afterwards, rinse it all off.


Dry it with a cloth; this should be done meticulously so it will not develop rust in the long run, especially when detergents or water were used to clean it. Lubricate or oil it afterwards so it will run smoothly along the tracks. Experts suggest using a white lithium wheel bearing lubricant. The grease should be applied using the fingers while making sure that the entire surface is covered. When the bearing is moved and the homeowner spots grit, the whole process of washing should be repeated. If it is still filled with grit after the second wash this only means that it may be worn out and it is time to replace it.

Next, wipe other parts, especially the track with cloth. This should be done until no evidence of dirt or dust is seen. The last step involves assembling all the parts that were initially removed. This should be easy since a pencil was used earlier to serve as a pattern. The Grant pocket door hardware is now clean and ready to perform smoothly again. No squeaking sounds should be heard and homeowners should have no problem with regards to the doors gliding movements. If the parts are worn out, check stores or online merchandisers for replacements.