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The pocket door hardware rollers are the ones responsible for making the pocket door work properly. Usually, it glides easily along the tracks, especially if it is brand new or maintained meticulously. However, there are some cases where it refuses to move, or every sound it makes bothers everyone. If the mechanism is not damaged, it will not be difficult for a homeowner to reposition it. Upon discovering that the rollers are damaged, it should not be fixed but replaced immediately. There is no cure for broken pocket door hardware rollers, the only suitable solution is removing it entirely and replacing it with a new one that will perform better.

Removal of the roller

The first step entails removing the broken or worn out roller. To do this, open the pocket door widely, then find the base where the roller is located. It is usually encased in a frame; unscrew it to access the roller. Carefully remove the brackets as well, and then set it aside. These parts should be kept because it will be used for the installation of the new rollers. Discard the old roller and do not forget to check if the frames are damaged.


Installation of new pocket door hardware rollers

The new roller should be placed in the exact location of the previous one. Not doing so may create problems once the roller is already installed. When the rollers are positioned, screw it tightly while making sure that it is secured in place.

Reinstallation of the bracket

The bracket that was removed earlier can now be repositioned. Screw it in its original place. Tighten it in such a way that the brackets are holding the rollers firmly in position. The rollers should be able to move freely, but not loosely. Once assured that it is correctly installed, oil can now be used to lubricate the bracket and rollers.

Finishing touches for the pocket door hardware rollers

Test the operation of the pocket door rollers by opening and closing it several times. This will assure the homeowner that everything is as it should be. Aside from that, this process will help spread the oil that was added earlier, allowing it to function at its best. To ensure that the new rollers, as well as the other parts will last longer, maintain it regularly. This can be done by cleaning the hardware, lubricating it, and checking for signs of wear.