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For years, hardware manufacturers took tremendous pride in their work. They carefully crafted different pocket door hardware that was more than functional. The tracks, rollers, locks, pulls, or handles created a distinct vibe of sophistication to the homes where they were placed. They turned a simple cabinet into an elegant work of art. Thankfully, a lot of this antique pocket door hardware survived the years and are just waiting to be reawakened and refurbished. It will just take the homeowners a little bit of determination in looking for what they need, as well as time investment in reviving its beauty.

Searching for the right antique pocket door hardware

Looking for the right vintage pocket door hardware to resurrect is enjoyable and easy. Consider it an adventure when going to different garage sales, flea markets, or antique stores in search of these types of hardware’s. Salvage houses that specializes in antiques are a good choice when it comes to matching a specific kind of hardware that homeowners already have, or if they are searching for several pieces with a distinct design or type.


In the meantime, antique stores can be quite surprising because though the choices they offer are not as large as the salvage house; the prices are still subject to negotiation. Individuals who are good at haggling can really take advantage of this. Flea markets are the best when it comes to low price antique hardware, though the choices are very limited. When all else fail, the internet is always available, and it will be very easy to purchase hardware without even leaving the comforts of home.

Restoring antique pocket door hardware

Refurbishing these types of hardware’s can cost an arm when taken to renowned services, so homeowners who have a tight budget should invest in time, effort, and a little elbow grease. Chipped or old paint, as well as development of rust are some of the most common problems encountered when restoring antiques.

Remove paint from metal by heating the hardware near a Crockpot that contains a soapy solution or even vinegar. This is highly effective but tends to be time consuming so it may be better to use a paint stripper, though this contains a harmful chemical that is dangerous when not handled correctly. Removal of rust can be a bit tricky, especially when the hardware is delicate. Individuals can use sandblasting, electrolysis baths, or rubbing the item with chemical treatments to restore it to its original image.