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For large entryways that need substantial doors, special considerations should be given, especially with the hanging and framing part. The physical demands of the hefty pocket door are different than regular sized ones because it requires a rugged hardware that can support its weight. With this regard, utilizing heavy duty pocket door hardware is a no brainer. It is durable, made with the highest quality, not to mention it can withstand the pressure given to it by the pocket door itself allowing it to function at its best.

When installing heavy duty pocket doors, it is essential to look for the correct location where it will be placed. A load bearing wall, especially something close to a foundation should be avoided because vital studs may be stripped away in the process of installation causing the whole area to collapse. The selected wall should be able to accommodate the length and weight of the door, as well as the heavy duty pocket door hardware that comes with it. It should be able to house the door even when completely open.
There are a lot of heavy duty pocket door frames that are ready made and immediately available for installation. These types of frames usually have a maximum weight indicated. 300 pounds is the ideal maximum weight that should be chosen. If possible, it is better to get one made with a steel backed stud or all steel studs because it is tougher than others. Frames containing a heavy duty I beam style tracks are highly advisable because it can accommodate heavier and larger pocket doors.

Heavy duty pocket door hardware kits are available everywhere so homeowners will not have difficulty searching for the following parts. They can go directly to hardware stores, online retailers, or even to the website of the manufacturers where they can freely choose the hardware that they need. These hardware kits can go anywhere from $150 to $400. Homeowners can also add more than $300 so professional installers can place it for them. Basically, the cost of service will be determined by the complexity of the installation and demolition to be done.

It may better to talk with a contractor or expert when installing heavy duty hardware’s because it is very dangerous, not to mention they can provide a better insight of the task. Appropriate permits should also be obtained. Homeowners should not forget reading the manual, especially if they are going to install it themselves.