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There are different types of locking pocket door hardware. Today, readers will get a glimpse of privacy locks and why it is needed. Privacy locks are specially designed to allow homeowners to lock a room from the inside to isolate themselves from the people outside, or simply put, to give privacy. These kinds of locks are usually installed in bathrooms and bedrooms, not necessarily to give security, but to keep other people outside when they are doing their business.

A lot of merchandisers or hardware stores supply this kind of locking pocket door hardware to replace damage or severely worn out locks or even fit doors that do not employ locks in order to provide privacy. The great thing about it is a special skill is not really needed when installing the privacy lock, though a bit of practice may help. Sometimes, homeowners may find the need to cut an opening through the door in order to place the fitting, and oftentimes, special tools are required.


Antique privacy locks are tricky because individuals need a key to lock and unlock the pocket door, but modern ones are developed in such a way that homeowners can simply push a button or turn a knob to operate it. The goal of privacy locks is not to give people security because they can simply use the small hole to unlock the door, or even break it with a hammer by smashing it. This is especially true when the door is made from low quality or very thin materials. Though this is the case, it assures people that no one will suddenly barge inside the room when they are changing, bathing, or doing something private.

When installing this locking pocket door hardware, they must ensure that it is facing the correct direction. It is also essential to purchase the right door pull or handle to accompany it. People will find it easier to install a privacy lock on an old fitting. To do this, homeowners must bring their old locks to the hardware store and have the seller look at it. This will make the buying process easier, not to mention the new locking mechanism will surely fit. They can also order a custom one when needed. Privacy locks can work for any room inside a building. If people are aiming for security instead of privacy, they should search for robust locks with additional features and uses codes or cards.