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People are always looking for the best pocket door hardware manufacturer so they can be assured that they are buying a great product that will give them the value for their money. Five companies are a favorite among the masses because of their hardware’s topnotch quality. After all, it has always been about the hardware and not the door itself. Everyone can easily use different doors, but at the end of the day, it is the hardware that allows it to operate smoothly. Using inferior parts is a big no-no because it can result in a disaster. So without much ado, here are the best pocket door hardware manufacturers to look out for.

L. E. Johnson Products, Inc.

They have more than 50 years’ experience when comes to producing high quality pocket doors and hardware’s. They are favored over others because of their easy to install products and genuine designs. They boast of meticulous production and quality control. This assures homeowners that they are buying from the best.


Stanley Hardware

This manufacturer started earlier than most. This allowed them to perfect the make of their hardware’s. Nowadays, Stanley is known all over the world. They have a thriving market in different countries, and their loyal customers stick to their pocket doors. Dependability and great craftsmanship are the reasons why they continue to garner the support of many homeowners even after centuries.

National Manufacturing Co.

This company managed to make its way among the best, several years after it shifted to hardware manufacturing. Now they still continue to astound the consumers, what with their dedicated work force that aims to deliver the best pocket door hardware there is. They even expanded to Mexico and Canada to cater to homeowners there.

John Sterling Corporation

Great service, fast delivery, and friendly staff are the key to their success. They always believed in efficiency and high productivity for all their customers. They continually improve their craft by working together as a team and valuing everything that they release for the homeowners. No wonder they are still around even after 82 years of service.

Lawrence Hardware

They are considered as one of the pioneers, tracing their roots to 1876. It is heartwarming to know that their customers are their main priority, and they are committed to such belief ever since they started. They want customers to feel important while not breaking the bank by making sturdy yet cost-effective products.