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Pocket door hardware locks are often taken for granted by homeowners. They usually do not notice it until it is too late. When it gets damaged and breaks down, individuals have a difficult time securing their home against people with malicious intent, or they themselves end up getting locked out of their own home. In order to solve this issue, different steps should be taken. This involves finding the exact problem and providing the needed solution.

Pocket door hardware locks refuses to turn

When the key is placed in the keyhole, but it refuses to turn, it only means that dirt and other particles got stuck in the locking mechanism. This is a big problem, however it is not entirely hard to fix. The homeowner can simply use a damp piece of cloth or cotton bud and insert it on the key hole. It should be jiggled around in order to get the dirt. Next, lubricate the lock. Oil should not be used, instead, a silicone spray, or a specialized lubricant for locks can be utilized. After applying the lubricating agent, insert the key and move it around to ensure that it is evenly distributed.


Pocket door hardware locks are misaligned

This problem is usually caused by the weather stripping which prevents the hardware lock from functioning properly. In this case, it is best to remove the said weather stripping and attaching it way back on the frame of the door. This process is less difficult than removing the entire lock and installing it again properly.

Problem with the door latch

Sometimes, the door latch will not catch properly preventing it to close or shut. This only means that the bolt is not correctly aligned with the strike plate. If the problem is minor, individuals can simply fill the latch plate. If this does not work, then maybe the plate is shallow so the mortise must be deeper in order for the lock to function. When all else fail, remove the strike plate completely by unscrewing it. Then reposition it accordingly.

Pocket door hardware locks does not operate

After checking if the problem is one of the aforementioned and trying to solve it, to no avail, then it is best to replace the locking mechanism. Years of use have worn it out and this can compromise the safety of the whole family. Besides, locks are not that expensive, and it can be easily installed as well.