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People do everything to beautify their homes. They utilize attractive furniture’s, use the sleekest appliances, and put up a lot of decorations. Sadly, all of these piles up to the things they own, and this contributes to the lost of space for other stuff or even room to move around. This is one of the main reasons why pocket doors reappeared in modern times. Years ago, this type of door was deeply admired by people because of its classic appeal. They used it to separate one room from another, allowing them to do their business without disturbances. Dens and sitting rooms usually houses pocket doors.

However, modern times call for a more polished look and pocket doors where no longer needed. Recently though, the industry for this door began to flourish again because of different reasons. The top one may be due to the fact that modern pocket door hardware was developed to adapt to the changing times. It is no longer a squeaking device that causes huge annoyance upon usage, not to mention it look and feels better. This is due to the fact that steel rollers were replaced by a nylon material that reduces the noise upon opening or closing the door.


Homeowners need not worry because though it is made from nylon, it is still durable and of high quality. The innovations made with modern pocket door hardware are astounding because it reduced the drawbacks experienced from the hardware back in the Victorian Period. Back then this type of mechanism was made with poor quality resulting in pocket doors that jump the tracks. Luckily, this is no longer a problem since the product was highly improved.

The only problem with pocket doors is homeowners cannot install it anywhere they want. Several factors should be considered because of the frame and the wall space needed to let it vanish completely. Obviously, this concept is not ideal for settings where there is not enough space because there is a lot of modern pocket door hardware to be installed. Aside from that, homeowners should take care of the plumbing, ductwork, and electrical wiring.

Finally, though the framing used is pretty strong, it is still not comparable to the regular or original framing. With this in mind, this cannot be installed in locations where extra strength is needed such as walls where there are already cabinets placed, or load bearing ones.