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Pocket doors are becoming quite a sensation in the United States as well as other countries because it saves precious space and give homeowners convenience by allowing them to open the door fully without blocking anything in the process. Conventional hinged doors and bifold ones currently dominate different homes. However, they need several feet of clearance in order to function well. This results in shortage of space which prompts individuals to find extra room for their belongings.

A pocket door offers a more simplistic approach. It uses a flat door that will easily slide inside a compartment or pocket. When opened, this door can provide homeowners great access to the room and will not shut close unless the individual allows it to because of its superb hardware. One such mechanism is the pocket door hardware pulls. Using this, people can easily open or close their pocket doors. There are different sets of hardware in the market right now, and the use of pocket door pulls will largely depend on the set to be utilized.


Passage Sets

This type of set is used when individuals prefer the pocket door to be opened from the inside, or even out. This means that pocket door hardware pulls are installed on both side of the door. Edge pulls are used in this case. Homeowners can purchase this in single or double sets and will depend on the kind of pocket door used.

Dummy Sets

This is typically used on closets because the pulls are only installed on the outer part of the door and none on the inside. It is hard to place this set on rooms because homeowners will have a difficult time getting out. Edge pulls are also used for this, and it will be installed on the side of the door in order to close it.

Privacy Sets

This type is very much alike to the Passage sets, but instead of using an edge pull, a mortise latch is employed so it can be locked. Individuals should be aware that vintage privacy sets need keys to unlock or lock the pocket doors. There is no safety feature so this cannot be opened easily in emergency situations, but can give people the privacy they need.