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People who are not familiar with double pocket doors often think that it is only used for old homes with aged style, when in reality; it is employed by many people in recent times because of its natural appeal and uncanny ability to save a lot of space. But what makes the double pocket door hardware different from others? The answer to that is it includes enough hardware to make two doors function, not to mention it is intricately designed, but simplistic in nature.

Installing double pocket doors are a great way to remodel the house without completely taking it apart or spending too much cash. This can be done by a professional; however it may take a toll on the homeowner’s budget, so a lot of people opt to install it themselves. Besides, it will not take time and is very manageable even for first timers. Double pocket door hardware kits are needed for this procedure, but other things should be considered as well.


Other Considerations

Double pocket doors are one of the most recommended ways to provide privacy between two separate rooms while saving space in the process of opening or closing the door. The question at hand is which of the two rooms need more privacy? When separating two rooms with a pocket door, one has to consider if the other room is a bedroom. If it is, then it definitely needs a privacy lock.
Another issue here is the allotted budget. When the homeowner feels that the project is not going as it should, outside help is totally needed. This will of course cost more than it should, so careful inspection and weighing out of the pros and cons should be done before deciding whether to install this, or hastily buying double pocket door hardware online.

Follow the instructions

First timers will understandably have a harder time installing pocket doors by themselves, but people who already did it before should not relax and think they can do it again without reading the manual religiously because each hardware kit is different from one another. Also, individuals can read step by step instructions on pocket door installations online. These instructions are not made to replace the manuals; rather it is placed there to supplement the knowledge of the homeowners. The installation does not have to be hard. By following the guide provided by the manufacturers and applying the knowledge gained appropriately, this process will be a breeze.